You can order Olegtron products by filling the contact form below.
Paypal is the preferred payment method, but in some cases a wired bank transfer is an option too.

You can also find the products from various retailers:

If you wish to become a retailer, please send us an inquiry.


There are two different prices for the units, one including a 24% Value Added Tax for inside EU and another price without the tax for outside of the EU. When shipping outside the EU there may be a duty/toll fee added.

Inside EU (24% VAT)

Olegtron 4060 price: 124€
Olegtron Confusor price: 75€
Olegtron R2R price: 39€
2 x R2R + Confusor bundle price: 124€

Outside EU (No VAT)

Olegtron 4060 price: 99€
Olegtron Confusor price: 60,50€
Olegtron R2R price: 32€
2 x R2R + Confusor bundle price: 99€


Olegtron products ship in a sturdy cardboard box, enclosed in a padded mailing bag. Single R2R units (non-tracked shipping) ship in a letter, but properly padded. Products ship globally at three rates. The shipping price stays same no matter how many units you order. Simple, huh? That too, but you might also think of it as a discount. The mailing prices are updated as the postal fees change. You can look up the prices from Finnish postal service price list.

Tracked shipping:

To Finland 8,10 €
Inside EU 17,80 €
Outside EU 21,80 €

Non-tracked shipping (optional, for single R2R modules only):

To Finland 1,80 €
Inside EU 2,60 €
Outside EU 6,20 €

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