Introducing the Olegtron 4060

The Olegtron 4060 is a compact oscillator/divider box capable of creating unique signals and sequences through a revolutionary programming method of sticking components to it’s patchboard! The device can be used as a standalone sound generator that connects with a 3.5mm stereo jack output or to send complex control signals to a wide variety of machines.

Learning the 4060 is easy, but there is a lot to master. Using it doesn’t require any previous electronics skills, but experimenting with different components helps you get the idea of how they work, and your programming can become more systematic. The resistors and small capacitors are color coded for clearness.

The name of the device comes from the CD4060, which is an integrated circuit, or chip if you may. It belongs to a series of CMOS logic chips called 4000B and interfaces with other chips of the series seamlessly. The series dates back to the sixties, but is still relevant in sound electronics and DIY. The CD4060 contains an oscillator with adjustable frequency and a divider, that outputs 10 different subfrequencies.

The Olegtron 4060 is based on an RC-oscillator example from CD4060 datasheet, with the addition of a current limiting "starve"-potentiometer known from the world of circuit bending. The rest is just user interface design, highlighting of course the innovative patchboard that makes a good platform for experimenting.

The Olegtron 4060 ships with a hefty bag of components to get started with (see ´getting started´ in the pdf manual). All you need is a standard 9v battery and something that connects to a 3,5mm headphone jack.



7-bit Saw

From march 2016 all Olegtron 4060 units ship with a plug-in module called ”7-bit Saw”. The plug-in module turns 7 of the highest frequencies of 4060 into a stepped (128 steps) sawtooth waveform. The module gives you another timbre, but makes getting started easier too: you don't have to patch any components to get a sound out! Find more about 7-bit saw here. If you want to order the module separately, please send an inquiry via the order form.

If you want to learn more, please download the instruction manual below and watch videos on Olegtron's Youtube channel.


Olegtron 4060 Instruction Manual v.0.1 (pdf)
Olegtron 4060 Patch Card (pdf)
The 7-bit Saw Advertisement (pdf)

Olegtron 4060 Video playlist

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